Podcast: Videonuze top Video Stories of 2016

Podcast: Videonuze top Video Stories of 2016

The VideoNuze Podcast is created by Will Richmond of VideoNuze and Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia. It is always interesting and covers the major issues.

Below are their top 10 online video stories of 2016, along with a The Podcast link to VideoNuze. Listen for color/discussion.

In reverse order:

10. Disney Invests in BamTech — $1B for 33% and an operating deal for an ESPN branded channel (with non-mainstream content)

9. Growth of Programmatic in Online Video and Mainstream TV: Data driven advertising is a growing force.

8. AT&T Acquires Time Warner: Pending approval

7. Skinny Bundles embraced by the industry: AT&T Now is the latest. Are they incremental or cannibalizing?

6. Mobile Video Growth: Still relatively small, but growing fast.

5. Comcast Subscriber Success vs. other MVPD’s driven by Xfinity X1 platform. Comcast is doing the best job of retaining subs and wrapping their service around the future.

4. Millennials moving away from pay TV for video toward SVOD and non-TV devices. The generational shift is happening.

3. Facebook and Facebook Live. Increasing video push for FB.

2. Netflix: Global footprint and continued subscriber growth.

  1. Amazon: Global rollout with stand-alone service priced at a big discount to Netflix, channels program (80+ SVOD partners), originals, hardware and software, hybrid business model. Ability/willingness to fund growth.