Can Ron Johnson Outflank Amazon with Enjoy?

Can Ron Johnson Outflank Amazon with Enjoy?

  • Ron Johnson is a retail giant.  He was at the center of the reinvention of Target and the creation of Apple’s retail stores.
  • With Enjoy, Johnson sees a big opportunity in serving customers and product partners in deeper ways than Amazon.

Let’s say you purchase a premium product — like a Sonos home audio system, a fancy digital camera, or a personal drone.  Would you like it hand delivered within hours? How about white glove delivery to your home, office, or even a coffee shop at a time you specify?

Would you like a smart, friendly, technically trained delivery person to help you set up, learn about and explore your new product? Would you want all of this for the same low price you’d pay on Amazon and other competitive online retailers?

Ron Johnson and his A-list investors at Enjoy are betting $80 Million that you will, and that tech delivery is just the tip of the iceberg.

Enjoy partners with companies like Sonos, AT&T, and Apple to hand-deliver products and hand-hold consumers.  Kara Swisher and Recode offer this Podcast interview.  It’s an outstanding listen:

Click here for the Podcast and the Transcript

Highlights include:

  • How Target leveraged design to create an upscale position within the value retailer category and rise above the “muddy middle”
  • A discussion of retail store history and pricing strategies
  • Ron Johnson’s description of being recruited by, and working for Steve Jobs
  • Why Jobs wanted to open Apple stores as the tech market was crashing and Gateway was closing theirs
  • Why Apple designed and built 6,000 square foot stores when it had just two desktops and two portables to sell
  • Who deserves credit for designing iconic aspects of the Apple store
  • How the Genius Bar was conceived
  • Why Ron Johnson left Apple after going from zero to nearly four hundred stores
  • Johnson’s infamous Mulligan year+ at JC Penny
  • Becoming an investor in Valley darling Philz Coffee and others
  • Why Johnson founded Enjoy – a service that sells, hand-delivers and helps consumers set up and get started with tech products
  • How Enjoy plans to compete in an e-commerce and delivery world dominated by Amazon

I “enjoyed” this interview, and you will too!